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Website Domain and Page Naming

Your website domain name is the first thing users look for when determining how to find you. Choose an effective name that reflects your website content and that is easy to remember. There are many places on the web to search available domain names, here is one we recommend, Go Daddy. When creating additional web pages be sure to give them names that users would use to find your product or service, and make sure the do not have any unusual characters or long number strings.


Make sure your site is "Mobile Friendly"

Today your site must be accessible from a mobile device and a tablet, one only needs to look around to see how people are using their phones. Studies have shown that users indicate that they would be more likely to purchase a product or service from a business that built a mobile-friendly website. Most users also say they’d leave a site that’s not optimized for mobile use. When evaluating your current site or considering the development of a new site, do not underestimate this important development strategy.


Build an SEO Friendly Website

On-page SEO must be considered when your site is in development. Clean design, proper navigation and relevant interesting content are just a few things to consider when planning your website. In addition, development should allow for correct page titles, meta tags with accurate service and product descriptions, and image tags that are in compliance with web standards.


Already have a site? Don't worry, much of the information on a current site can be modified to improve your "on-site" SEO by adding meta tags and descriptions, optimizing images, updating titles and making some minor changes to your content to include relevant information.


Utilize Free Easy to Use Web Tools

Google and Bing provide free 'Webster' tools that you can use to get some information about what your site is doing. These basic tools can be very helpful and are free. They do require some set up and verification but once in place the information you can gather from them is worth the effort. We are happy to help you with this setup process, be aware that the process of tracking a site is time consuming and not intuitive for a new web user, however if you have the time and interest it can pay off in increased ranking and traffic for your site.


Did you know that you can tell how Google sees your website with this simple test? Enter the following into a Google search bar - (replace your web URL with your web address) and press enter.


Adding Analytics

There are several options available in the market today which allow companies to see and monitor user activity on their site.  Analytics allows you to see how many visitors you have during a specific period of time, how long they stayed on your page, if they went to additional pages and what they are clicking on.  We can help you set up and monitor an analytics account.


Social Media

Social Medial Marketing, or Off-Site SEO is probably the most critical SEO component to consider for a well rounded marketing strategy in todays market and should not be overlooked. There are literally hundreds of options available and finding where to spend your marketing time and money can be overwhelming. Twitter, FaceBook, Google +, Linked In, Yelp, Instagram and many many more.  These marketing tools provide opportunities to have real time interaction with your potential customers. Targeted advertising utilizing videos, email communications, reviews and ratings sites, and the ability to offer short term sales and specials can be accomplished in a short time - we can help you navigate the options.!  We can make some recommendation targeted to your individual business needs.


Create a Web Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that indicates what files are included in your site and what content is important when users search for your product or service. It follows the structure of your website and is placed in the website server which allows search engines to find and easily index your site files. This file is critical for search engines to find you and will index your images, links, videos and other files. We provide a site map with every site we create.


Optimized Content

Content is probably the most critical part of you website and it is one of the primary factors that search engines use to rank and index your website. Make sure that the content you write for your website is useful, provides good helpful information and professional. Keywords are used in critical places such as heading titles and descriptions which place importance on specific subjects. However, be sure to write content for your audience not the search engines, as it should be high quality and relevant information.


Create a Privacy Policy Page

This page includes information about if, why and how your website collects information and how it deals with collected information such as names, addresses and emails. It is also very important for Google indexing, it helps to show that your website is legitimate, reliable and concerned about your users personal information. Its easy to develop and there are several free services on the web that can help you get started.


Add an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a secure socket layer certification and allows the search engines to verify the validity of your site.  Historically an SSL certificate was used for sites that collected personal or private information to assure the user that the site was safe.  However, recently the search engines have placed more importance on the use of an SSL. The certificate protects your sensitive information as it travels across the world's computer networks and is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn't handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users' personal information.


Add Terms and Conditions if Applicable

If you request customer information from your site like name, address, email etc., you should include a terms and conditions page as well.  This helps establish credibility and lets your site users know that you are responsible with the data they enter.  It is common to add the terms and conditions to any location on the site the user will be entering data into.  This is an easy add on to an existing site and ensure the site users that refunds and returns and  privacy has been considered.


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